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Ziverdo Kit-  A Medicine Kit For Bacterial & Parasitic Infections

ZIverdo kit is a special medicine kit consisting of three different medicines: Zinc acetate, Doxycycline, and Ivermectin. We all know that when a person suffers from one issue, the chances of another are very common. Now, if we look around us in the environment and what we commonly consume, we will find abundant bacteria and parasites. Sometimes both issues happen in the body together, which is important to this medicine kit.

If we talk about the kit in detail, it has 27 components. Out of them, 10 are capsules, and 14 are tablets. First, you will find an Ivermectin 6 mg tablet in the kit. Three tablets have 6 mg of active ingredients each. It is a small biconvex, pink tablet that is basically for controlling and getting rid of parasitic infections. Next, you will find Doxycycline 100 mg in the kit. It is an orange-black capsule with 100 mg of Doxycycline salt. The main use of this salt is to control and cure any bacterial salt inside your body. There are ten capsules in one kit.

The last component of the kit is Zinc oxide, which helps boost the immune system’s power. It is a white tablet with 50 mg of Zinc oxide. Inside one kit, you will find 14 tablets of Zinc oxide. It is an FDA-approved medicine to use in case of any bacterial or parasitic infection. If you want to buy this medicine, first of all, visit a physician. They will prescribe the medicine, and you can buy it online from CheapIvermectin.com. Mankind Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of medicine which is a renowned Indian pharmacy selling medicines globally.

How to consume the ZIverdo Kit?

  • Ensure that you always swallow the medicine, whether a tablet or a capsule. The FDA highly recommends that you never break, chew, or bite the medicine to get the best results.
  • Remember that you must use the medicine with some time gap from the meal, so your stomach is empty. This time gap can be either one hour before you want to have sex or two hours after.
  • You need to become very particular about the food you consume when using the medicine. It should be clean, healthy, and light. Avoid junk and oily food as much as possible for best results.
  • To swallow the medicine, use a glassful of water. It would be best to swallow the medicine.

Who can use the medicine?

  • The first category of people who can use the Ziverdo kit are people suffering from bacterial infections and having a high risk of roundworm infections. For example, some areas are very prone to a particular roundworm infection. In this case, you should take a Ziverdo kit instead of normal antibacterial medicine.
  • The next category of people who can use the medicine is those with roundworm infections. Their condition for using the medicine is that with roundworm infection, they are exposed to bacterial infection, and their chances are high. In this case, you can ask your physician to provide you with a prescription for the Ziverdo Kit.

How does the Ziverdo Kit work?

The working of the three medicines is really simple. Let us take an example of bacterial infection and understand how the ZIverdo kit works. When your body has a bacterial infection, Doxycycline will start working first. It will help in first blocking the growth of bacteria in our body. The salt does so by blocking mRNA from making protein important for replication. After that, Doxycycline will block them from taking action and paralyze the muscular and nervous systems. This way, you will notice that the bacteria in your body start dying. In this case, the ZInc oxide will dissolve in your body and strengthen the immune system. Your immune system also ensures that no bacteria regrow in your body now.

The last medicine Ivermectin will work in protecting your body from roundworm infection. Whenever the roundworm enters your body, it will make a protective shield. It will ensure that no roundworm can grow inside your body. The medicine works in the same manner in the case of roundworm infection but in that case, antiparasitic medicine works first, and then the antibiotic works as a protection shield. The task of Zinc is the same in this case also.

Dosage of Ziverdo kit

The dose of the Ziverdo kit is already fixed. Your physician is going to only prescribe it to you. From the very first day, you must start using one tablet of every kind daily. In this fashion, the Zinc acetate will last for 14 days, Doxycycline will last for ten days, and Ivermectin will only last for three days.

Missed dose

You should make up for the medicine dose if you ever miss it. You have 12 hours in your hand, which you can use to make up for the dose. If you cannot take it within those 12 hours, contact your physician and ask what to do.  


If you ever overdose on the medicine, side effects will appear in your body. To get over those side effects, your physician will help you in the best way possible. All you need to do is follow their instructions.

Side effects of Ziverdo kit

  • The medicine can cause dizziness and drowsiness in your body.
  • Headache and nausea also happen very commonly because of the medicine.
  • Because of the medicine, you will notice impaired vision and blurriness in front of your eyes.
  • The medicine can also cause a sore throat and runny nose.
  • Abdominal pain and diarrhea might also happen because of the medicine.
  • The medicine can also cause vomiting along with a decrease in your appetite.
  • You might even notice pain in your limbs because of the medicine.
  • The medicine can also cause an increase in your heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • The medicine also causes a decrease in your appetite.
  • Your kidney might also cause dysfunction because of the Ziverdo kit.

Preventive measures

  • You should take medicine when your stomach is empty. A full stomach might delay the medicine working.
  • You should not consume alcohol and marijuana when using the medicine.
  • Never consume the medicine with grapefruit juice.
  • Ignore using the medicine if you have a heart problem.
  • You should not use the medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Stop using medicine with junk and heavy food.
  • You must never consume the medicine if you have a kidney problem.

How to store the medicine?

  • You must store the medicine in a dry and dark place/ cabinet.
  • Keep the medicine at a temperature which is below 28 degrees Celsius.
  • You should never store the medicine in close proximity to sunlight.
  • Never store the medicine near your kids and pets. It can be very bad for their body and give rise to unexpected problems.

CheapIvermectin- The best website to buy medicines

  • You should buy the medicine from this online store because of their high quality and lowest possible prices.
  • The website also has a privacy policy which will ensure that your information is completely safe. If the website authorities ever share your medicine, share your concerns or take legal action.
  • The website also has 24/7 customer support which is very helpful and encouraging. They will help you with any problem that you might come across when visiting the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the medicine safe to use?

Yes, the medicine is completely safe to use in case of bacterial and roundworm infections. But some people are unsafe because of medicine and disease interactions. Due to this, you first need to take a prescription for the medicine from your physician.

  1. Can we use the medicine in case of covid-19?

You can not use the medicine in case of covid-19 issues. Some physicians might find that the medicine is very helpful, but the FDA does not approve of its use. According to them, the issue might even increase because of the use of the medicine.

Active Ingredient

Zinc Acetate 50 mg, Doxycycline 100 mg & Ivermectin 12 mg


Treating COVID-19


Mankind Pharma Ltd


Zinc Acetate 50 mg, Doxycycline 100 mg & Ivermectin 12 mg


1 Kit/s

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