Suhagra Force 50mg (Sildenafil/Dapoxetine)


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Introduction to Suhagra Force 50mg

Suhagra Force 50mg is a medication that combines two active ingredients, Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, to address two common male sexual health concerns erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

How Does Suhagra Force 50mg Work?

Sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, works by increasing blood flow to the p*nis during sexual stimulation, resulting in improved erectile function. Dapoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), acts on the central nervous system to delay ejaculation, thereby extending the time to ejaculation and improving control over ejaculation.

Indications for Using Suhagra Force 50mg

Suhagra Force 50mg is primarily indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in adult men. It is prescribed to individuals who experience difficulties achieving or maintaining an erection, as well as those who have trouble controlling ejaculation.

Dosage and Administration

The recommended dosage of Suhagra Force is one tablet taken orally with a full glass of water, approximately 1 to 3 hours before anticipated sexual activity.

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Potential Side Effects

Common side effects of Suhagra Force may include headache, dizziness, flushing, nasal congestion, nausea, and diarrhea. Serious side effects such as priapism (prolonged erection), sudden vision loss, and allergic reactions are rare but require immediate medical attention.


Suhagra Force 50mg is contraindicated in individuals with a history of hypersensitivity to Sildenafil, Dapoxetine, or any of the inactive ingredients in the formulation. It should not be used in patients with severe hepatic impairment, cardiovascular disorders, or certain neurological conditions.

Interactions with Other Medications

Suhagra Force 50mg may interact with nitrates, alpha-blockers, antihypertensive agents, certain antifungal medications, and other drugs that affect the QT interval. Co-administration with these medications can lead to potentially dangerous hypotensive effects or other adverse reactions.

Safety Information

Before using Suhagra Force patients should undergo a thorough medical evaluation to assess their suitability for the medication. It is essential to disclose all medical conditions, current medications, and any history of meds allergies to the healthcare provider.

Tips for Safe Use

To maximize the benefits of Suhagra Force and minimize the risk of adverse effects, patients should adhere to the prescribed dosage and administration instructions provided by their healthcare provider.

Storage Instructions

Suhagra Force 50mg tablets should be stored at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light. Keep the medication out of reach of children and pets. Do not use expired tablets or dispose of them improperly.

Benefits of Suhagra Force 50mg

Suhagra Force offers several benefits for men experiencing both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. By addressing these two conditions simultaneously, it provides comprehensive treatment for sexual dysfunction, enhancing both performance and pleasure during sexual activity.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Many users have reported positive experiences with Suhagra Force noting improvements in both erectile function and ejaculatory control. Users appreciate the convenience of a single medication addressing multiple sexual health concerns, as well as the relatively rapid onset of action and long duration of effect.

Comparison with Similar Medications

While there are other medications available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Suhagra Force 50mg stands out for its unique combination of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. This combination offers a synergistic approach to addressing both aspects of male sexual dysfunction.


Suhagra Force 50mg is a dual-action medication that effectively treats both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. By combining Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, it addresses two common sexual health concerns simultaneously, enhancing sexual performance and prolonging the duration of sexual activity.

FAQs about Suhagra Force 50mg

  1. How quickly does Suhagra Force take effect?
    • The onset of action of Suhagra Force varies from person to person but typically occurs within 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion.
  2. Is Suhagra Force safe for long-term use?
    • Long-term safety data for Suhagra Force is limited, and it should be used with caution under the guidance of a healthcare provider.
  3. What should I do if I experience an erection lasting longer than four hours after taking Suhagra Force?
    • An erection lasting longer than four hours (priapism) requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage to the p*nis.
Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation


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